Sintex Modular Kitchen

Sintex Modular Kitchen Chennai


Sintex Modular Kitchen

We have exquisite collection range of Sintex Modular Kitchen cabinets, which is designed with a perfect fusion of contemporary and conventional styles and patterns. High on aesthetics and utility, the range is widely appreciated for its optimum space utilization that eases the user in cooking and doing other kitchen works.

Made with utmost precision, the Sintex Modular Kitchen offered in customized designs to meet the specific preferences of the clients. Baked with team of skilled and experienced technicians and best grade Sintex PVC, We have gained immense appreciation in Chennai, by offering wide collection of Sintex PVC Modular Kitchen with most competitive prices.


Termite and borer proof
100% Water Proof
Borer Free
Zero Bacterial Growth
Cockroaches & Insects Free
Wide Range of Colour & Designs
Long Lasting and Economical
Maintenance Free
Fast installation
Time and labour saving
Available in pre-cut widths to reduce wastage
Low installation cost
Hygienic and easy to clean
No painting/varnishing required
Available in a wide range of pre-laminated shades